Online Services

Our goal is to assist citizens as much as possible as they conduct business at the local town level. Some of that business can also be conducted online (and only online on weekends, holidays and inclement weather days). If you would like to conduct the following tasks online, the links below will prove helpful.

Tax payments

Here you can pay our Taxes online by using Payport. Accepted credit/debit cards are MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

logoPayPort is a service offered by a third-party working in partnership with the State of Maine and this municipality. As part of our service to you, we will remit the designated portion of your payment to the municipality on your behalf. The balance funds the operation of this and other online services. Conducting business through Maine PayPort is voluntary and the final cost may be higher than using other forms of payment. This service is provided by the Information Resource of Maine (InforME) as designated in statute of (M.R.S.A.Title 1, Ch. 14)
For assistance, call the Belgrade Town Office at 207-495-2258.